L'uomo Dal Pennello D'oro (1969)

Storyline : Edwige Fenech plays the girlfriend of beatnik-hippy artist Archie (Willi Colombini). Throughout the film Edwige is either having her body painted during a hippy party, posing naked for Archie or seducing other men. All is not fun and games for Edwige though after another hippy girl (Marcella Michelangeli) has her eyes on Archie
Stars:  Willi Colombini , Marcella Michelangeli , Edwige Fenech , Rainer Basedow     , Luigi Bonos , Alexandra Marischka     , Calisto Calisti , Enzo Monteduro , Ellen Umlauf , Loni Heuser , Dick Randall , Rolf Eden , Grit Freyberg , Nino Korda

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