The Four Deuces (1975)

Storyline :  The film centres around gangland boss Vic Morono who presides over a mixed pack of cards with the trumps being the 'The Four Deuces'-Chip Morono, Mickey Navarro, Ben Arlen and Smokey Ross. There's an abundance of humor,sadness and blood in this fast moving film although not necessarily in that order! it all comes to a head in the final shoot out with just one left standing but who is it to be, and whats he been left with...
Stars : Jack Palance , Carol Lynley , Warren Berlinger , Adam Roarke , Gianni Russo , H.B. Haggerty     , Johnny Haymer , Martin Kove , Cherie Latimer , E.J. Peaker , Damon Douglas , Ben Frommer     , Mickey Morton , Jack O'Leary , Sierra Bandit

The Four Deuces
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