Queen of the Gypsies (1976)

Storyline :  Rada, a beautiful and very proud gipsy girl is used to steal men's hearts and monk them. Zobar is a horse thief who's heart is stolen by Rada and his mind is bewitched. He is ready to give up his freedom but not his pride.  This colourful, music-filled and sensual melodrama based on early stories by Maxim Gorky tells the fatal love story between the beautiful and rebellious girl Rada and the handsome horse thief Zobar. The story is set in early 20th century Bessarabia, now part of Moldova, then belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Stars: Grigore Grigoriu, Svetlana Toma, Barasbi Mulayev, Ion Sandri Scurea, Pavel Andrejchenko , Vsevolod Gavrilov , Mikhail Shishkov , Nikolai Volshaninov , Vasili Simchich , Yelena Sadovskaya

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