Una Viuda Descocada (1980)

Storyline :  The attractive, exuberant and beautiful Flower Tetis Soutien de Gambeta, an ostentatious woman kills men, has just widened for the eighth time. As all his fortune was gradually vanishing, spending all that he had, he remains in ruin. But suddenly he sees his good luck appear again, a little Pepe Mangiabroccoli canillita with a good heart that makes a millionaire win the prode, falls in love with her.
Stars :  Isabel Sarli, José Marrone, Jorge Barreiro, Vicente Rubino, Pepita Muñoz, Elena Lucena, Adelco Lanza, Juan Carlos Prevende, Enrique Belluscio, Héctor Livolsi, Jorge Salazar, Mario Savino, Semillita  

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