Deadly Diamonds (1991)

Storyline :  L.A. gangster Abner Rosner organizes a robbery of one of his own jewelry stores by two thugs Bevo and Thorson to rob $30 million of diamonds. But the thugs lose the diamonds and they end up in the hands of a local prostitute named Desiree, who stumbles upon a hapless messenger boy named Martin who reluctantly agrees to help her try to get out of the city and away from the thugs as well as a corrupt FBI agent also after the diamonds to claim the bounty on their heads for Abner Rosner. 
Stars :  Dan Haggerty , Troy Donahue, Eli Rich, Kathleen Kane, Kenna Grob, Chips Mercier, Phil Brock, Tim McCall, Mike Jacobs Jr., B. Frank, Nic Christie, B.J. Gates, Harry Alvin, Peter Gum, Laurel Rydes 

Deadly Diamonds Dailymotion 2
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