Lasegretaria privata dimiopadre(1976)

Storyline : Commendatore Ponziani Armando, owner of a flourishing chemical industry, lives in a beautiful villa on Lake Como together with his wife Ersilia and his son Franco. Mrs. Ponziani, a secretary who was married and married to her spouse, knowing the tendencies of Dongiovans, forced him to keep secret secretary Amelia, an exemplar deportant of "gentile sex", and filled her with the establishment of carefully selected women for ugliness. The Ponzians, however, despite everything, keep in a city hotel Ingrid, a Swedish lover. One day, as a result of a road accident, Armando and Ersilia's spouses end up and Amelia disappears. Dr. Mingozzi, a chemist who aspires to lead Ponziani, offers his girlfriend Luisa as a new secretary. His beauty attracts the cravings of his master, his son, and even his servant Joseph. But the girl assures the love of Franco who marries and bows the oppositions of her future bosses by throwing her lady in the arms of the brilliant Oscar (Franco's friend who is promoted to a driver) and the lord in Ingrid (who is named secretary) .
Stars :   Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Renzo Montagnani, Stefano Patrizi, Alvaro Vitali, Anita Strindberg, Aldo Massasso, Rina Franchetti, Sofia Lombardo, Giuliana Calandra, Enzo Cannavale

La segretaria privata di mio padre Dailymotion 2
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