Luella Miller (2005)

Storyline :  Thirty-something Lydia lives alone in a large old homestead in small town New Zealand, harboring fantasies for Christian, the boy next door. When Lydia finds the gorgeous, enigmatic and destitute Luella Miller hiding in her house, she takes pity on the young woman and allows her to stay. Luella's intense sexuality and seductive presence instantly disrupt the delicate balance of this small town. A bitter jealousy develops when Christian, like most of the men in town, falls under Luella's spell. Lydia is forced to finally confront Luella and her own feelings for Christian, leading to a shocking, tragic climax.
Stars :  Sara Wiseman, Sia Trokenheim, Phil Brown, Jacqueline Nairn, Alistair Browning, Kevin J. Wilson, Rod Lousich, Ingrid Park, Mark Lahina, Mark Creedy, Tom Munden, Amber Rice-Dane, Craig McKinnon, Christopher London, Peter Harris

Luella Miller
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