Pretty Little Devils (2008)

Storyline :  Lana Stevens is the hottest student on campus. Her biggest concern is to find a new roommate to fit in with her glamorous life, but is dismayed to find the only option is geeky new girl Katie. Along with her friends Mai and Zoey they plan a nightmare party to put Katie off sharing with them. When the geeky overweight new girl is found dead, the three girls become the prime suspects. When their sexy antics fail to impress the police they pull out every tirck in the book to get themselves off the charges – the sorority sisters have never been so scandalous! Watch your back…
Stars :   Haylie Duff, Madeline Zima, Monica Lo, Brett Claywell, Kate Albrecht, Jane Sibbett, Donnell Rawlings, Bret Ernst, Tom Green, Margo Harshman, Laura Ashlee Innes, Shani Pride, Kelly Frye, Joseph Ferrante, Rodney Perry, Brendan Miller, Marisa Guterman, Ian Nelson, Laura Ortiz, Jillian Murray

Pretty Little Devils
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