La Fille de tes rêves (1998)

Storyline :  The 40s are running. A modest company of Spanish filmmakers leaves Franco's Spain, moving to Hitler's Germany to make a co-produced film between the two countries. It is a musical of Andalusian rhythms starring the actress Macarena Granada and directed by Blas Fontiveros. The contrast of ideologies between Spaniards and Germans is quite marked, and it does not take long to be noticed ...

Stars :  Penélope Cruz,  Antonio Resines,  Jorge Sanz,  Rosa María Sardá,  Santiago Segura, Neus Asensi,  Loles León,  Jesús Bonilla,  Mirosláv Táborský,  Karel Dobri, Johannes Silberschneider,  Juan Luis Galiardo,  María Barranco,  Götz Otto, Karel Dobrý,  Hanna Schygulla

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