Abbronzatissimi (1991)

Storyline :  Rimini, summer 1991. On the beach and in the night joints of this Adriatic town, many of the usual summer guests go about their holiday life and their paths meet. Billy Damasco is a piano player at a local piano bar, one of the most fashionable in the whole place. For the moment fortune has turned its back on him. Angelo and Silvano, two laborers, arrive on the coast to try to seduce and marry two beautiful girls, who are also rich, this way they can give up working. Elide is a young prostitute who is on holiday for the first time ever with her lover-pimp. Aurora, the fascinating owner of a bathing establishment, obsessed by a husband whom she does not love, tries over and over to have him knocked off by a fake Calabrian killer. Mustafà, a Moroccan who works at the First Aid center, falls in love with an Italian and, after a hard battle against racial prejudice, manages to achieve his dream and marry her.

Stars :  Jerry Calà,  Teo Teocoli,  Alba Parietti,  Mauro Di Francesco,  Salvatore Marino, Franco Oppini,  Pier Maria Cecchini,  Renato Cecchetto,  Mariangela Giordano, Nathalie Caldonazzo,  Monika Rebel,  Eva Grimaldi,  Sonia Grey,  Guido Nicheli, Arnaldo Ninchi

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