Deadly Diamonds (1991)

Storyline :  L.A. gangster Abner Rosner organizes a robbery of one of his own jewelry stores by two thugs Bevo and Thorson to rob $30 million of diamonds. But the thugs lose the diamonds and they end up in the hands of a local prostitute named Desiree, who stumbles upon a hapless messenger boy named Martin who reluctantly agrees to help her try to get out of the city and away from the thugs as well as a corrupt FBI agent also after the diamonds to claim the bounty on their heads for Abner Rosner. 
Stars :  Dan Haggerty , Troy Donahue, Eli Rich, Kathleen Kane, Kenna Grob, Chips Mercier, Phil Brock, Tim McCall, Mike Jacobs Jr., B. Frank, Nic Christie, B.J. Gates, Harry Alvin, Peter Gum, Laurel Rydes 

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