Il ladrone (1980)

Storyline :  Caleb lives in Galilee in the days of Jesus and gets angry with some furtarello and making himself a magician. By chance she finds herself at a wedding banquet and sees Jesus turning the water into wine and immediately thinks she has found a more skilled competitor than him. He manages to steal a necklace and then lose it and finds Deborah with whom he will share his life. Always fascinated by the figure of Christ, who will continue to believe a more skillful magician of him, he will end up on the cross with him accused of an old theft.

Stars :  Enrico Montesano,  Edwige Fenech,  Bernadette Lafont,  Sara Franchetti, Susanna Martinková,  Daniele Vargas,  Anna Orso,  Auretta Gay,  Enzo Robutti, Claudio Cassinelli,  Stefania D'Amario

Il ladrone part 2
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