My Teacher's Wife (1999)

Storyline :  Todd Boomer is a young college student and a aspiring cartoonist who is trying to get into University. But his chances of getting into University are not too good, when Todd's unpleasant maths teacher Roy Mueller, fails him with every maths test and Todd has insufficient grades. But help comes in the form of Vicki, a gorgeous and sexy mathematical genius who decides to help Todd improve his grades and decides to be his tutor. Where it becomes more than a student-teacher relationship, as Todd finds himself falling in love with Vicki and they have a love affair, unaware Vicki is married to Roy. Where Vicki and Todd's love affair is about to teach them both a lesson about love, which could end Vicki's marriage and destroy Todd's chances of getting into university.

Stars :  Tia Carrere,  Jason London,  Alexondra Lee,  Zak Orth,  Jeffrey Tambor, Christopher McDonald,  Joanna Canton,  Leslie Lyles

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