Emanuelle nera n° 2 (1976)

Storyline :  International cover girl, Emmanuelle Richmond Morgan, is in a clinic near Manhattan suffering memory loss. Her physician, Paul, a Freudian, pays her special attention, making his wife jealous. He interviews Emmanuelle daily, asking her to record memories on tape. He interviews a photographer with whom she worked, her father, and her husband, from whom she's been separated two years. Her memories of each of them differ sharply from their own. In flashbacks we see both versions. Gradually her memories clear as she parties with another patient, Paul's niece Sharon. Besides Emmanuelle's memory block, is everyone else telling the truth? Can Paul help her remember and heal?

Stars :  Laura Gemser,  Gabriele Tinti,  Justine Gall,  Ivan Rassimov,  Venantino Venantini, Koike Mahoco,  Fausto Di Bella,  Debra Berger,  Giacomo Rossi Stuart

Emanuelle nera part 2

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